A Career of An X-ray Technician

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With the advancement in the technology, each and every sector is confronting a great progress especially the medical field. Medical sector is today witnessing instruments, devices, machines and other medical solutions which have been constructed with the newest of new technology. Since the machines are advancing, knowledge level of the professionals of this field is also advancing. Professionals are keeping themselves on their toes to walk with the pace of this advancing world.

An Outline about an X-Ray Tech

Becoming X ray techOne profession in the medical sector that requires expertise with understanding is of an X-ray technician ( commonly referred as X-ray tech). An X-ray technician assists the doctors in administrating the X-ray imaging processes. These technicians work on the equipments that capture images of the inner aspect of the human body. The images captured are then developed diagnostically through fluoroscopic screens. The role of these techs is wide ranging and they handle number of tasks. Their presence is important as they are the ones who support the doctors and help patients get an X-ray done successfully.

An X-ray technician also prepares the patients before performing the X-ray test. The tech explains the entire procedure of the exam and positions the patients in a way in which the body part can be X-rayed properly. Since, human body is exposed to severe radiation; the tech places a lead shield on the patient so that the effect of radiation can be decreased. He/she adjusts the height, angle and controls of the X-ray machine in an appropriate manner.

Duties and Responsibilities of an X-Ray Technician

The duties of an X-ray tech are wide ranging but below are few out of many functions:-

  • To start with, a tech prepares the patient for the X-ray and positions him/her in the manner in which X-ray of a particular body part can be taken properly.
  • Shields the patients and staff from the strong radiation of the X-ray machine by following sound procedures and meeting all the industry standards.
  • On request of a physician, an X-ray technician obtains diagnostic radiographs. A tech is required to maintain a constant rate of 2% or may be little less.
  • Responsible for developing and then processing radiological films.
  • Keeping a check on all the equipments and is required to report the supervisor immediately in case of any malfunction or machine faults. Also, a tech makes sure that all the devices and equipments meet the safety norms of the industry.
  • Identifying and filing reports as per the requirement.
  • Completing the entire paperwork in an accurate manner in the minimum possible time. An X-ray technician also logs the accomplished radiological procedures.
  • Performing the lab tasks as guided by the physician.
  • A technician needs to work strictly with the physician in order to get instructions and guidelines to cure patients.
  • Retrieving, requesting and tracking the files from one department or centre to another.
  • An X-ray tech is also responsible for training and helping new employees.
  • Making suggestions and proposals to enhance the working methods.
  • Rest of the duties depends on the physician with whom a tech is working.

Qualifications Required for Becoming an X-Ray Technician

X-Ray Technician duties

In order to become a successful X-ray tech, you need to possess a certain set of skills which are necessary in this profession. An individual should be very active and devoted in performing his/her duties in the most satisfactory manner. Below are some of the basic and important requirements for the candidates aspiring to be an X-ray technician:

  • Education and ExperienceTo step in this field, you are required to have a high school diploma or GED (general education degree). With this, it is observed that at the time of employing, employers prefer the ones having a license or certificate of X-ray technology. So, make it a point that you attain a certification also.
  • Mathematical Skills - The profession of being an X-ray tech also demands you to have good basic mathematical skills. You must have the competence to subtract and add digits, multiply and divide them accurately. You should know how to carry these procedures making use of American money. Knowing how to calculate volume, distance and other weight measurement skills is also important.
  • Reasoning Ability - This skill is significant if you want to become an X-ray technician. A candidate must possess a sharp ability to pertain common sense. A common understanding is necessary in order to follow instructions provided in oral, written or may be in diagram form.
  • Language Skills - Fine communication skills can give you an edge over other candidates. You should have the skill to read and understand short correspondence, basic instructions and memos. Other skills under this section includes writing simple correspondence accurately, give data in small group or on-on-one situations to fellow employees and other clients of the organization in which you are serving.

Physical Requirements Expected Out of X-Ray Technicians

With the knowledge and other mental abilities, you are required to have strong physical condition in order to fulfill unending list of day to day tasks. First and foremost, it’s important for the people having any disability to know that they are given reasonable accommodations in regard to perform different functions.

For the rest, have a look at the below mentioned physical requirements :

  1. Since, the job of an X-ray technician demands walking, standing, handling, using hands regularly and continuously, so you must be strong enough to confront it all.
  2. Muscular energy is equally important as you are required to occasionally kneel, climb, sit, crouch and stoop. A technician should move or lift up to 50 pounds on daily basis so that, his/her physical condition stays fit.
  3. Next most significant physical requirement is proper vision. A technician is required to have perfect eye sight and particular vision abilities which precisely include distance vision, close vision, skill to adjust focus according to the requirement, peripheral vision, color vision and even depth vision too.

Apart from the above mentioned physical requirements, a technician is also required to smell and taste so; you must be prepared for that too. Possessing all these requirements will make it easier for you to perform all the tasks accurately and in the minimum possible time.

Working Environment

The working environment of an X-ray technician may vary from one setting to other. The technicians are exposed to external weather conditions occasionally and the noise level is mostly moderate in all the working environments. Rest, it does depend on the location and size of your workplace. A skillful technician is the one who has the ability to adjust in any kind of situation and this is possible only when you have the motto of serving people in mind and think nothing else. Apart from this, people having disability are subject to reasonable accommodations so; they are not made to work in harsh conditions if any.

License, Certificate and Registration

If you have attained a certification or a license in X-ray technology then it can be an added factor for you. With this, you should be prepared to receive continuous medical education course if the employer requests you for the same. Getting registered or a attaining a License plays a great role because the employers prefer the licensed professionals first. A certified professional is authentic in the eyes of law and the certificate can be presented in case of any lawsuit filed by any customer against the employer.

Salary of an X-Ray Technician

It is believed that an X-ray technician never falls into financial crunch. At the time of beginning, most of the employers keep the technician on a 90 day trial period. In the duration of these 90 days, employers assess and judge the technician’s talents, abilities and skills in which he/she performs the tasks. After this period gets over, the employee is employed on full time working basis if he/she is selected. The technician is dismissed if the employer is not satisfied with his/her work.

X-ray Salary Growth

Further, if we discuss about the pay scale of an X-ray technician then it’s important to know that the salary depends on various factors. These factors include the location of your workplace as there are some specific states or nations across the globe that are known as the highest paying cities while some are put under least paying category. So, working in a highest paying city can turn out to be really good for you.  Another aspect that can affect your salary is your experience. Having an experience of more than 2 to 4 years can fetch you handsome salary as your skills are then polished and knowledge is updated. Next in the row is the certification or a license which can let you earn more money as compared to the ones without any certificate or registration.

The above detailed information regarding an X-ray technician will surely help you in solving your doubts about the profession. Now, it’s your turn to comprehend this information and work towards your career dream of becoming a successful X-ray technician. Wish you a good luck!!

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